Dissertation Journey eBook

Download the Dissertation Journey eBook

Conceiving and carrying out a project worthy of a dissertation can be likened to a long and arduous journey because it usually takes a number of years from the initial formulation to completion.

The Dissertation Journey may feel daunting, exhausting, never-ending, and insurmountable. If you do not adequately prepare for the terrain ahead, you may become discouraged and overwhelmed and decide to quit along the way. 

This eBook will introduce you to the challenges you are likely to encounter on your journey and suggest some strategies for traversing them, such as:

  • Understanding the requirements
  • Adequately preparing yourself with the resources that you need
  • Mentally preparing for the hard work ahead 

It will also introduce you to the idea that working with a dissertation coach is the key to reaching the milestones along the way.  A coach will guide, prepare, and train you, and be your lifeline if a rough spot comes up along the journey.